Where do you turn in tomb of the mistress?

The Tomb of the Mistress is a location in the video game “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”. It is situated in the southern region of the Giza Plateau, in the city of Giza, Egypt. The tomb is the final resting place of an ancient Egyptian queen, and is said to be cursed. The player must explore the tomb to find the queen’s treasure, and to defeat the curse.

The Tomb of the Mist is located in the southwestern corner of the Hollowed Woods.

How do you progress in Tomb of Sargeras?

The Tomb of Sargeras is a partially non-linear raid instance introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion. The raid consists of nine bosses, with the first eight being split into two wings. The first wing, Gates of Hell, contains the first four bosses, while the second wing, The Eternal Palace, contains the remaining four.

Players must first kill Goroth before proceeding to theDemonic Inquisition, Harjatan, and Mistress Sasszine in any order. Sisters of the Moon must then be killed before proceeding to The Desolate Host. Once all of those bosses are killed, players can then proceed to Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar, and Kil’jaeden.

In order to open the door leading back to Goroth’s room, you must click on the two orbs on the sides of the door.

Where is Sargeras tomb

The Tomb of Sargeras is a great structure situated on the island of Thal’dranath in the Broken Isles. It was once the home of the goddess Elune, but now serves as the final resting place of the fallen Titan Sargeras. The Tomb is a sacred site for both the night elves and the tauren, and is guarded by a powerful magical barrier.

It is currently impossible to access the Tomb of Sargeras as there is no clear path to the dungeon yet. The Tomb is where the Avatar of Sargeras, the fallen titan who was beaten by Aegwynn in a battle thousands of years ago on the wastes of Dragonblight, is located. The spirit of Sargeras is still out there in the wastes of Netherspace.

What to do after breaching the tomb?

With the release of patch 9.1.5, you only need to complete the achievement “Breaching the Tomb” on one character across the entire account. Once you have the achievement on one character, you will need to complete the Legion campaign on each individual character you wish to obtain the mount on.

Yes, you can solo Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus, the Burning Throne at around level 66 with appropriate gear. It will be more difficult than on a level 70 character, but it is possible.

What is the boss order for Tomb of Sargeras?

The raid is a bit of a challenge, as the bosses are quite difficult. Players need to be prepared for a long fight, as the raid can take up to 12 hours to complete. Make sure to have plenty of food and water on hand, as well as any potions or buff food that will help you survive the encounter. Good luck, and May the Light guide you!

If you have cleared the required bosses and the doors to the Illidari Council remain closed, you can resolve the issue with the following steps:

1. Have everyone in the group exit the instance.
2. Go to the nearest flight master and fly to another zone.
3. Once you have loaded into the new zone, fly back to the previous zone.
4. The group should now be able to enter the instance.

What did Illidan do at the end of Tomb of Sargeras

Thus, when Malfurion ultimately destroyed the Well and the power used to maintain Sargeras’ portal, banishing the Legion back to the Twisting Nether Illidan managed to recreate the Well atop the sacred mountain of Hyjal. In so doing, Illidan finally pushed his brother and his people too far.

Goroth is the first encounter in the Tomb of Sargeras. You must kill Goroth to access all the following bosses, many of which can be done in an order of the raid’s choosing.

Who is the last boss in Tomb of Sargeras?

Kil’jaeden is the final boss of the Tomb of Sargeras raid, and is one of the most difficult and challenging bosses in all of World of Warcraft. He drops loot 10 ilvls higher than the other bosses in the raid, making him a very sought after target for raiders.

In order to get the Broken Isles Explorer’s Broken Isles mount, you will need to go to Dalaran and accept the Class Hall starter quest. This quest will take you through a long questline that you will need to complete before you can get the mount. Make sure to get started on this questline now so that you can finish it and get your mount as soon as possible.

How do I get to Broken Isles

In order to travel to the Broken Isles, you will need to use the portal room in your capital city. You can take the portal to Azsuna from either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. In Azsuna, you will have a flight point to Dalaran.

This is the quest to start the Legionfall campaign. You must first speak to Khadgar in front of you and then make your way to Krasus’ Landing. Once there, Khadgar will give you the quest “Armies of Legionfall”. Again, you just turn it into him in front of you and you will then be teleported to the Broken Shore.

What are the wings of Tomb of Sargeras?

The Tomb of Sargeras is a new raid coming in the Legion expansion. It contains four wings for players to face, and comes with a new meta achievement, “Glory of the Tomb Raider.” This achievement rewards the title “the Tomb Raider,” as well as the Micronax Controller, compared to the traditional reward of a mount.

There’s a very small amount of timegating in the Antorus raid because you need 12 world quests and onelegion assault. However, this should not take more than 2 days. The two gated quests are the completion of a mission, which can take anywhere from 4 to 16 hours depending on luck, and an invasion.


There is no specific “turn in” for the Tomb of the Mistress. Once you have completed all the objectives in the tomb, you can simply leave through the entrance.

The Tomb of the Mistress is a turning point for many players in the game. It is a place where you can learn about the story of the game, and get some closure on the events that transpired. Many players find it a very rewarding experience, and it is definitely worth checking out.

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