Who is kurtz mistress?

In the novella Heart of Darkness, Kurtz’s mistress is a native woman who lives in the village that Kurtz has set up near the ivory trading post. She is described as being very beautiful, and Kurtz is obviously quite taken with her. However, it is unclear what their relationship is beyond that of employer and employee. It is possible that she is simply a prostitute who Kurtz has taken up with, or that she is genuinely in love with him. Either way, she plays a very small role in the story and is never seen beyond Kurtz’s hut.

There is no clear answer to this question, as it is not explicitly stated in the text. However, some readers have speculated that Kurtz’s mistress is the African woman whom he has taken into his home and with whom he has fathered a child.

What does Kurtz mistress represent?

Both the African mistress and the Intended share the prominent function of symbolizing Kurtz’s status and wealth in the novel. The mistress’s regal posture, beauty, and excessive jewelry declare to all her countrymen the fact of Kurtz’s brilliance and power. The Intended, on the other hand, represents Kurtz’s wealth and status in a more traditional manner. She is the one who will inherit his estate and continue his name.

The native mistress is a powerful symbol of Kurtz’s dark side. She is bold and sexual, and her presence frightens the more innocent and naïve Intended. The native mistress represents Kurtz’s lustful and primal side, and her power over him is a symbol of his own dark desires.

How does Marlow describe Kurtz mistress

The African Mistress is described as being both savage and superb, with a wild look in her eyes. Kurtz is drawn to her because of her mystery and her fierce nature.

Kurtz’s Intended is a representation of the innocent politeness of European women, while his native mistress represents the savagery of Africa. Kurtz’s Intended is a symbol of all that is good and civilized in the world, while his native mistress is a symbol of all that is dark and savage.

Did Kurtz have a mistress?

Marlow left Kurtz’s room and saw, on the bank of the river, Kurtz’s African Mistress. She was a proud and dignified woman, who captivated Marlow with her stature and appearance.

Marlow knows that if he tells the Intended the truth about Kurtz, she will be devastated. He doesn’t want to destroy her illusions about the man she loves, so he lies to her instead.

What does Kurtz’s death represent?

Kurtz’s death is a symbol of the death of the illusion that the Belgian trading company paints of their actions in the Congo. Despite all the horrors that Marlow witnessed, he still held onto some attachment to Western culture and loyalty to the company. But after seeing the true nature of the company’s operations, and the horror that they inflicted on the people of the Congo, he could no longer hold onto that illusion.

It’s clear that he admires her physical beauty, but he also seems to find her wild, primal nature appealing. There’s a definite air of excitement and danger around her that he finds irresistible.

What does the blindfolded woman in Kurtz’s painting represent in Heart of Darkness

The painting that Kurtz paints, and that Marlowe finds, is a painting of a blindfolded woman who cannot see the light she holds. This symbolizes the gap between Kurtz’s initial good intent and his subsequent actions.

Sheri AnnisKurtz is married to former Republican political consultant, Sheri Annis. He frequently writes about her former and potential clients.

What is the relationship between Marlow and Kurtz?

When Marlow finally meets Kurtz, his initial adoration turns into hatred. He begins to see Kurtz as a helpless, selfish man who chases dreams of getting powerful and rich. He even might think about him as barbaric, because he puts heads on sticks. This is when Marlow stops admiring him.

Marlow believes that women exist in a world of beautiful illusions that have nothing to do with truth or the real world. In this way, women come to symbolize civilization’s ability to hide its hypocrisy and darkness behind pretty ideas.

Who is the most significant character in Heart of Darkness

Marlow is the protagonist of Heart of Darkness and is a very interesting character. He is philosophical and independent-minded, and is generally skeptical of those around him. He is also a master storyteller, and is very eloquent and able to draw his listeners into his tale. I think Marlow is a very intriguing character and I enjoy reading about him.

The native woman in this story represents the whole Black community and the beauty of the wilderness. Both of these were invaded by the ‘civilised’ whites. She is the passionate reality, being “savage and superb, wild-eyed and magnificent”. This reminder of the Black heritage and their own culture (jewellery) makes the whites question their own way of life.

What do the cannibals represent in Heart of Darkness?

Cannibalism is a practice that has been around for centuries. In some cultures, it is seen as a way to connect with the deceased, while in others it is seen as a way to gain strength from the deceased. In Heart of Darkness, cannibalism is used as a metaphor for the absolute violation of boundaries between one human being and another. The physical act of consuming another human being is seen as the ultimate act of degradation and disrespect. This is symbolic of the way that the colonizer fears being absorbed or ingested by the Other. The colonizer sees the act of cannibalism as a way to destroy the boundary between the self and the Other, which is seen as a dangerous and threatening act.

Kurtz’s fiancée is devastated by his death and still yearns for information about how her love spent his last days. She is marked by her absolute devotion to Kurtz and is still dressed in mourning after more than a year.


Kurtz’s mistress is a woman who he is having an affair with. She is not his wife, and he is cheating on her with this other woman.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no clear evidence to suggest who Kurtz’s mistress might be. It is possible that he had multiple mistresses, or that he simply had a close relationship with a woman who was not his wife. In any case, Kurtz is a complex and mysterious character, and his true feelings and motivations are often hidden from those around him.

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