Who is kreacher’s mistress?

The character Kreacher in the Harry Potter series is a house elf who is loyal to the Black family. In the books, it is revealed that Kreacher’s Mistress is actually Bellatrix Lestrange.

Kreacher’s mistress is Bellatrix Lestrange.

Who is Kreacher’s true master?

Kreacher was a house elf who was loyal to only to pure-blood wizards. He was particularly loyal to Walburga Black. After her death, however, Sirius Black became Kreacher’s master. Sirius had been considered a blood traitor and had been disowned by his family.

This individual is clearly misguided and misguided in her thinking. There is no way that anyone could possibly believe that what Voldemort is doing is right, under any circumstances. To try and eliminate an entire group of people based on their blood status is simply inhuman and unacceptable. This person needs to seriously reassess their beliefs and principles if they think that what the Dark Lord is doing is in any way defensible.

Who does Kreacher belong to

The Reddit user in question believes that Kreacher was mistreated by Sirius’ father, Regulus. He points to a scene in Deathly Hallows where Kreacher says that Regulus was the only one who was ever kind to him. It’s possible that Kreacher was never given the love and attention he needed, leading to his eventual hatred of everyone except for pure-blood wizards.

Kreacher was not however fully able to betray the Order because he wasn’t their protector and couldn’t say where the House of Black was Kreacher however sold enough information to get Narcissa knowing that Harry loved Sirius and would go to protect him from Voldemort in a possible hostage crisis.

Did Sirius abuse Kreacher?

Kreacher was mistreated by Sirius for many years, and as a result, he used words to retaliate. Sirius didn’t care and was convinced that Kreacher was harmless. However, Kreacher showed Sirius that he was wrong.

After Hogwarts, Regulus also goes on to marry his girlfriend Vivienne Price and father one daughter Renee Black.

Why was Narcissa Malfoy not a Death Eater?

Narcissa Black might have been a member of Voldemort’s inner circle by default, as her husband, sister, brother-in-law, and cousin Regulus Black were all Death Eaters. However, it is unknown if she ever took the Dark Mark herself.

The Malfoys are distantly related to the Blacks through Narcissa, who is a first cousin of Sirius Black. This makes Draco a nephew of both Bellatrix Lestrange and Andromeda Tonks. The Malfoys have always been a wealthy and influential family, and they have been longtime supporters of the Dark Lord. Draco was brought up to believe in the Dark Lord’s cause and to hate muggles and mudbloods. He was given a mission by the Dark Lord to kill Albus Dumbledore, but he was unsuccessful. After the Dark Lord’s defeat, the Malfoy family was forced to abandon their home and go into hiding.

What did Sirius Black’s parents do to him

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It is with a heavy heart that we must report that Kreacher, the house elf beloved by many, has passed away. He was 666 years old. JK Rowling revealed this sad news in response to a fan’s question last night on Twitter. We extend our deepest condolences to his friends and family during this difficult time.

Who owns Kreacher after Sirius dies?

Kreacher is a house elf who served the house of Black for generations. He is resentful of Harry Potter, whom he refers to as “the mudblood boy” and is unwilling to do anything for him. However, after Sirius Black’s death, Harry Potter becomes Kreacher’s new master and he is forced to obey his commands. Potter does not like Kreacher and does not trust him, but Kreacher begrudgingly does as he is ordered.

At first, Harry and Kreacher had an antagonistic relationship. When Harry attempted to discover if Lord Voldemort had captured Sirius, Kreacher lied to him and claimed he was alone in Sirius’ house. However, Kreacher eventually warmed up to Harry and became a loyal ally.

What did Sirius do to Kreacher

Sirius makes the fatal error of underestimating Kreacher. Believing him unable to leave Grimmauld Place except on his orders, he doesn’t realise that an angrily bellowed order of ‘Out!’ won’t work. Kreacher is much more clever and resourceful than Sirius gives him credit for, and as a result, Sirius pays the ultimate price for his mistake.

It is clear that Kreacher did not have any love for many people other than his master. However, it is also clear that Bellatrix was always very kind to Kreacher. In fact, Kreacher even kept a picture of Madame Lestrange by his bed because of how kind she was to him.

Why did Kreacher and Harry maggots?

Kreacher is a house elf who did not want to serve Harry Potter when he became the new master of the house. Kreacher sent Harry a package of maggots for Christmas in 1996 as a way of showing his dislike for his new master.

Harry and Hermione decided that it would be too risky to summon Kreacher since Grimmauld Place was most likely taken over by Death Eaters. They reasoned that Kreacher would be in danger if he were to come to Grimmauld Place, and it would be better to keep him safe.

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Kreacher’s mistress was Bellatrix Lestrange.

Kreacher’s mistress is Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a powerful witch who is loyal to Lord Voldemort. She is also Kreacher’s owner, and he is fiercely loyal to her.

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