Who is kreacher mistress?

In the Harry Potter series, Kreacher is the house-elf of Sirius Black. He is initially hostile to Harry and his friends, but eventually comes to accept them and even becomes loyal to Harry. Kreacher’s Mistress is the woman who owned and abused him before Sirius rescued him. She is never seen or mentioned in the books, but Kreacher speaks of her with hatred.

Dolores Umbridge

Who was Kreacher talking to in Order of the Phoenix?

Dear Kreacher,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve left Number Twelve and gone to seek out Bellatrix Lestrange. I know that you have a lot of respect for her as Sirius’s cousin, and I hope that you can find some comfort in being with her. I know it’s not the same as being with Sirius, but I hope it helps.

I hope you’re doing well, and I hope to see you soon.


Your friend

Sirius makes the fatal error of underestimating Kreacher. Believing him unable to leave Grimmauld Place except on his orders, he doesn’t realise that an angrily bellowed order of ‘Out!’ Kreacher is fully capable of understanding and obeying. As a result, Kreacher is able to leave the house and warn Bellatrix and Narcissa about Sirius, leading to his capture and eventual death.

What did Kreacher lie to Harry when he said that

Harry and Kreacher had an antagonistic relationship at first. When Harry attempted to discover if Lord Voldemort had captured Sirius, Kreacher lied to him and claimed he was alone in Sirius’ house. However, over time the two have grown to understand and respect each other more, and Kreacher is now fiercely loyal to Harry.

Kreacher is a house elf who belonged to Sirius Black. After Sirius’ death, Harry Potter became Kreacher’s new master. Kreacher disliked Potter and neither did Potter like Kreacher. When Albus Dumbledore came to Privet Drive to tell Harry what Sirius had left him, which included Kreacher and Grimmauld Place Twelve and all his belongings. Potter told Kreacher that he could leave if he wanted to and Kreacher did not want to stay with Potter.

What happens to Kreacher after Sirius dies?

Harry blamed himself for Sirius’ death because he wasn’t able to prevent it. He also blamed Kreacher and Snape because they were both involved in the events leading up to Sirius’ death. However, he felt that he bore the most responsibility because he was the one who allowed Kreacher to lead them into the trap.

Kreacher was not fully able to betray the Order because he wasn’t their protector and couldn’t say where the House of Black was. Kreacher however sold enough information to get Narcissa knowing that Harry loved Sirius and would go to protect him from Voldemort in a possible hostage crisis.

Why does Kreacher hate mudbloods?

Kreacher’s hate for mudbloods and disrespect for Hermione are most likely magnified by the presence of the horcrux within him. The horcrux seems to amplify negative emotions and turn the person into a more evil version of themselves. So it is possible that Kreacher was always inclined to hate mudbloods and disrespect Hermione, but the horcrux has made him even more so.

Kreacher was mistreated by Sirius for many years, which caused Kreacher to retaliate with words. Even though Sirius didn’t care, he was convinced that Kreacher was harmless. However, Kreacher showed Sirius he was wrong and that he is capable of causing harm.

Why didn t Harry call Kreacher

Harry and Hermione came to the conclusion that it would be too risky to summon Kreacher since it was most likely that Death Eaters had taken over Grimmauld Place. They decided that it would be better to try and find another way to get the information they needed.

Mafalda Hopkirk is a character in the Harry Potter series who works for the Ministry of Magic. She is responsible for sending out warning letters to wizards and witches who are breaking the law by using magic. In the series, she sends Harry Potter two letters, warning him not to use magic outside of school.

Was Bellatrix nice to Kreacher?

It’s interesting to see how Kreacher feels towards Bellatrix, given that she is generally seen as a hateful person. It just goes to show that even the people who are considered to be bad can have some good in them.

Kreacher was forced to drink a potion by Voldemort in the Crystal Cave which caused him to have nightmarish delusions, intense stomach pains and made him dehydrated. It is unclear what the purpose of the potion was, but it seems likely that Voldemort wanted Kreacher to place Salazar Slytherin’s Locket in the basin. The potion may have been the same one Dumbledore drank, which caused him to have similar effects.

How old was Kreacher when he died

So sorry to hear about the passing of Dobby! He was always one of our favorite characters.

This is an interesting topic to explore. There are a few possible explanations for why there are no recorded instances of a Hufflepuff becoming a Death Eater. One possibility is that Hufflepuffs are simply not interested in the dark arts. Another possibility is that Hufflepuffs are so loyal to their friends and family that they would never betray them by joining the Death Eaters. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Hufflepuffs are not prone to joining the Dark side.

Why did Kreacher send Harry maggots?

Kreacher’s act of sending maggots to Harry Potter for Christmas in 1996 was a clear display of his dislike for Harry. It’s hard to imagine why Kreacher would have felt such animosity towards Harry, who had done nothing but show him kindness, but it’s clear that Kreacher was not a fan.

House-elves are among the longest-lived creatures in the wizarding world – with an average life expectancy of 200 years. Because of their long lives, they are able to serve their masters for many years and develop strong bonds with them and their families. However, house-elves are not immortal and can be killed. They can also be ordered to perform tasks that are against their nature, such as killing themselves, which is why they are sometimes mistreated by their masters.

House-elves breed infrequently and only with their master’s permission. They typically have large families, with many children and grandchildren. Because of their long lives, they often outlive their masters and continue to serve the next generations of the family.

House-elves have many magical powers, including the ability to override wizard enchantments. They are also able to apparate and disapparate at will, which is a very useful skill for their masters. House-elves are also very good at cleaning and can perform many other household tasks.

The most important thing to remember about house-elves is that they are creatures of habit and have a strong allegiance to their home, rather than its inhabitants. This loyalty can sometimes lead to them putting the needs


There is no definite answer to this question as Kreacher’s mistress is not specified in the Harry Potter books or movies. However, it is possible that Kreacher’s mistress is Mrs. Black, as she is the one who gave Kreacher to Dumbledore.

Kreacher is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. He is a house-elf who serves the Black family. In the books, Kreacher is mistreated by his masters and is very loyal to them. His loyalty is what ultimately leads to his downfall.

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