Who is don draper’s mistress in season 1?

In season 1 of Mad Men, Don Draper’s mistress is Rachel Menken, the Jewish owner of a department store. Draper has an affair with her in an attempt to gain her business, but the affair quickly becomes genuine and passionate. Rachel is an independent woman who is not afraid to challenge Don, and the two eventually part on good terms.

In season 1, Don Draper’s mistress is a woman named Rachel Menken.

What happens with Don and Sylvia?

Sylvia reacts with guilt when Don runs after Sally. She is last seen with her husband in season 7, having reconciled and ended her relationship with Don.

Don and Betty’s sexual encounter is one of the most important scenes in the episode. It’s a turning point for their relationship, and it’s also a great example of the show’s writing. The scene is well-written and it’s clear that the writers put a lot of thought into it. It’s a great example of how the show can be both sexy and smart.

Who did Don Draper love the most

Betty is Don’s first wife and remains his strongest romantic partner. She gave him over 10 years of her life and three children. Though his womanizing, distant attitude, and his secrets, along with her interest in Henry Francis, ultimately lead to divorce, Betty knows Don better than anyone.

Don Draper is one of the central characters of the popular television show Mad Men. He is a complex and often conflicted character, and his history is fascinating.

Draper was born into a poor family in 1925. His father was an abusive alcoholic, and his mother died when he was just a child. He was then raised by his stepmother and uncle.

Draper had a difficult childhood, but he was a gifted student and eventually attended college on a scholarship. He served in the Korean War, and it was during this time that he assumed the identity of his commanding officer, who had died in the war.

When he returned to the United States, Draper used the new identity to start a new life. He eventually landed a job in advertising, where he quickly rose to become one of the most successful executives in the industry.

Draper is a complex character, and his history is full of tragedy and conflict. But he is also a survivor, and a man who has achieved great success in spite of his difficult past.

Why does Don sleep with Sylvia?

Don clearly wanted to control and dominate Sylvia, although we never see much of this play out sexually. However, we have seen Don being slapped and punched by a prostitute, which seems to be something that he enjoys. It’s possible that Don’s desire to control Sylvia is related to his own need to be in control, and his violent tendencies may be a way of expressing that.

Dear Sylvia,

I’m sorry for the way I behaved when we were together. I was wrong to try to control you and I know that it led to the end of our relationship. I hope you can forgive me and we can be friends again.



How many affairs did Don Draper have?

While it’s no secret that Don Draper was a ladies’ man, it was still shocking to see just how many mistresses he had throughout the course of the show. From his secretary to the neighbor’s wife, it seemed like there was no woman safe from Don’s charms. While some of his relationships were purely physical, others seemed to be genuine emotional connections. Regardless, it’s clear that Don Draper was never one to be tied down.

In Mad Men, the death of Joan Holloway at age 38 is meant to be a sign that capitalism is bad for your health. The show portrays the giddy sleekness of the advertising industry, but also shows how it can be deadly. Joan’s death is a reminder that in some cases, capitalism can be lethal.

Who all did Don Draper sleep with

Midge Daniels, Joy Bobbie Barrett, Shelly Suzanne Farrell and Candace Allison were all mistresses of Don Draper at different points in the Mad Men series. Rachel Menken was a Sterling Cooper client who owned a department store.

Peggy is a woman who just never fell under the spell of Don Draper. Her colleagues often assumed that she built her career by sleeping with Don, but they’ve never had that kind of relationship — thank goodness.

What illness does Don Draper have?

Don has an attachment disorder based on his childhood. His mother died in childbirth, he was brought to his father’s home, his father died, and then he was raised in a whorehouse. His ability to connect with people is impaired.

Don and Peggy’s relationship is further solidified in Season 4, when Don forces Peggy to work all night on her birthday (in “The Suitcase”). Weiner has stated that this conversation is essentially Don telling Peggy that he loves her.

Who is the second wife of Don Draper

Megan Calvet is an American actress known for her role on the AMC television series Mad Men. On the show, she plays Don Draper’s second wife, Megan Calvet. Paré’s character had a prominent role in the Season 5 opener of Mad Men, in which she danced and sang a version of the 1960 Gillian Hills hit “Zou Bisou Bisou”.

After much thought and discussion, Megan and Don decided to divorce. Though they had once been deeply in love, they had grown apart over the years and realized that they were no longer compatible. They parted ways amicably, and remain good friends to this day.

Do Don and Joan ever hook up?

Joan and Don’s relationship was never a romantic one, but rather a relationship based on trust, respect and mutual admiration for each other. They both respected each other’s abilities and opinions, and trusted each other to always have their best interests at heart. Even though they were never romantically involved, they still shared a deep connection that was based on their mutual respect and admiration.

Don cheats on Megan with both Sylvia and Bobbie Barrett. He also had a fling with Andrea Rhodes while he was still married to Megan.


In Season 1, Don Draper’s mistress is a woman named Rachel Menken. She is a wealthy businesswoman who owns a department store. Don begins an affair with her after she hires him to do some work for her company. The affair eventually ends, but not before Rachel develops feelings for Don.

Although it is never explicitly said, it is widely assumed that Don Draper’s mistress in season 1 is Midge Daniels.

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