What were fredericks initial impressions of his new mistress?

Frederick is a young man who has just been given a job in the household of a local lord. One of his first tasks is to meet the lord’s new mistress, who has recently arrived from another province. Frederick is not sure what to expect, but he is intrigued by the prospect of meeting her. When he finally meets her, he is surprised by her beauty and grace. She seems very different from the other women in the household, and he quickly begins to feel drawn to her.

Upon first meeting his new mistress, Frederick was greatly impressed by her beauty and grace. She seemed like a very proper lady, and he could tell that she came from a good background. She was very well-spoken and had a pleasant manner about her. Frederick felt very lucky to have been chosen to serve her.

In what way did Frederick’s new mistress change?

Frederick’s new mistress used to be kind, but she turned demonic and cruel. This change in her behavior has caused Frederick to become more withdrawn and resentful. The warmth and kindness that she once showed him has been replaced with coldness and indifference.

These three events helped Frederick Douglass immensely in his journey to gain freedom. By learning to read, he was able to gain a better understanding of the world around him and the true nature of slavery. This knowledge allowed him to plan his escape and eventually achieve his goal of freedom. Furthermore, his interactions with other young boys who were also pursuing education motivated him to keep learning and pushing forward. Finally, acquiring reading materials that spoke to his own experiences as a slave helped him to better process his thoughts and feelings on the matter, and solidified his resolve to be free.

What did Douglass see in his new mistress face when he arrived in Baltimore

My new mistress, Sophia Auld, was kind and caring, and I had never seen anything like it before. She was always willing to help me, and she made me feel like I was a part of her family. I will always be grateful to her for everything she did for me.

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new master now and he is my old master’s brother. I’m really happy with this arrangement as it gives me a sense of stability and familiarity. I hope things work out well for everyone involved.

How did Mrs Auld change?

The novel “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” is an autobiography of Frederick Douglass, a former slave. The novel details Douglass’ life from his birth in 1818 to his escape from slavery in 1838. One of the main themes of the novel is the corrupting influence of slavery on both slaves and slave owners.

As Douglass details his experiences with slavery, it becomes clear that the system of slavery corrupts both those who are enslaved and those who enslave them. One example of this is Douglass’ former owner, Mrs. Auld. When Douglass first comes to live with her, she is a kind and compassionate woman. However, as she becomes more accustomed to owning slaves, she becomes cruel and jealous. This change in Mrs. Auld’s character shows that slavery is a terrible thing for both slaves and slave owners.

Frederick Douglas was a slave who escaped to the North in 1838. He became a leading abolitionist and wrote an autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave, in 1845. In it, he included several anecdotes about religious slaveholders.

Covey was one of Douglas’s masters and was a poor, educated southern gentleman who had no religious beliefs. He was a respectful master and treated Douglas fairly. The other slaveholders mentioned in the narrative were both religious, but one was kind and the other was cruel. Douglas included these anecdotes to show that not all religious people were good, and not all non-religious people were bad.

Who stopped the mistress from instructing Frederick?

Mrs. Auld’s attempt to teach me to read was short-lived and ended abruptly when her husband discovered what she was doing. Nevertheless, the few alphabet letters she taught me were a revelation. They opened up a new world of possibilities and showed me that there was more to life than the narrow confines of my slave existence. I was determined to learn to read and write, no matter what the cost.

Sophia Auld was a white woman who showed slaves a certain amount of dignity. She taught Frederick to read, an endeavor which was not only illegal at the time but which got her into considerable trouble with her relatives.

How does Frederick Douglass describe Sophia Auld

Mrs. Sophia Auld was significantly different than any other white person that Douglass had met before. She was kind-hearted and gentle, and had never owned a slave before. She was also an industrious weaver, and her marriage didn’t change that.

It’s only been a few hours since I arrived in New York, but I already feel like I’m in a completely different world. When I wrote to my friend, I said that I felt like I had escaped a den of hungry lions. And while that may have been an exaggeration, I really do feel like I’m in a completely different place. There’s a feeling of insecurity and loneliness that comes with being in a new place, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time.

Why is Douglass surprised when he arrives in New Bedford?

Douglass is surprised to see that the wealth appearance of New Bedford. He always assumed that Northerners, because they don’t own any slaves, are poor. However, the city’s industries appear prosperous, and the workers seem to be doing well. Douglass sees no extreme poverty.

Colonel Lloyd’s plantation was one of the easier places to work as a slave, according to Douglass. He was treated relatively well compared to the other adults who worked in the fields. However, he was still a slave and did not have any real freedom.

How did Frederick Douglass feel about his master

Thomas Auld,

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, and I’m sure you’ve changed just as much as I have. When I think about the man you were when I knew you, I can’t help but be disgusted. You were a cruel slave owner who participated in a system that caused immeasurable pain and suffering.

Now, I’m using you as a weapon against that system. Your name will be attached to my message of freedom, and together we will strike a blow against slavery. I hope you’re ready for this, because I’m coming for you.


Frederick Douglass

Hugh Auld’s wife, at first, is generous and kind to Douglass. However, once her husband pressures her to stop teaching Douglass how to read and write, her power over Douglass starts to erode his confidence. She becomes cruel and begins to impede Douglass’s attempts to educate himself.

What is the summary of Frederick Douglass Chapter 8?

In Chapter VIII, Douglass elaborates on the idea of slave owners treating slaves as property through his depiction of the valuation of Captain Anthony’s slaves. Douglass ironically describes how Captain Anthony’s slaves are lined up alongside the livestock to be valued in the same manner. This creates a parallel between the slaves and the animals, emphasizing the dehumanization of the slaves by their owners. The slaves are described as having no value other than their monetary worth, and are even given numbers instead of names. This illustrates the ways in which slaves were viewed as nothing more than commodities by their owners, who saw them as nothing more than property to be bought and sold.

Douglass learns that education and slavery are incompatible from Mrs. Auld. He learns that the more Mrs. Auld learns about slavery, the more fearful and angry she becomes. This is a valuable lesson for Douglass because it shows him that education can be a powerful weapon against slavery.


Frederick was initially impressed with his new mistress’s beauty and grace. He found her to be an excellent conversationalist and very well-read. He was also impressed with her political knowledge and her ability to stand up for herself.

Frederick was initially unimpressed with his new mistress. She was not as beautiful or charming as he had hoped she would be. However, he soon found himself attracted to her intelligence and wit.

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