What is to hid coy mistress about?

The poem “To His Coy Mistress” is about a man’s attempt to seduce a woman. He uses flattery and promises of eternal love to try to persuade her to sleep with him.

There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on what the speaker wants to hide about their coy mistress. However, some possible things that could be hidden include the speaker’s feelings for the mistress, the nature of their relationship, or any secrets the speaker may know about the mistress.

What are the three arguments To His Coy Mistress?

The speaker in the poem uses three different arguments to persuade the woman to his point of view. He begins by complimenting her, telling her she is beautiful and desirable. Next, he appeals to her fear, warning her that she will regret not spending time with him. Finally, he speaks to her passion, telling her that he feels a deep connection to her and that they are meant to be together. Each of these arguments is designed to appeal to a different side of the woman, and ultimately the speaker is successful in convincing her to spend time with him.

This is a great way to end the poem! It really drives home the point that even though we can’t control everything, we can still control how we use our time and make the most of it.

What is Marvel’s argument in To His Coy Mistress

The speaker in “To His Coy Mistress” is convincing his mistress to have sex with him. He argues passionately, but we learn little about him or her. This leaves us wondering what their relationship is really like.

In the final couplet, the speaker seems to have calmed down. He talks about the sun instead of time. In his time, the sun was thought to control time. In the end, he admits that sex is a compromise.

What does two hundred to adore each breast mean?

This is a great example of a man appreciating a woman’s body. He is clearly attracted to her and is willing to spend a lot of time admiring her. This is a great way to show a woman that you are interested in her and that you appreciate her body.

This is a pretty harsh way of saying that her purity will be for nothing if she doesn’t use it while she’s alive. The metaphor is that the worms will literally eat away at her virginity if she takes it with her to the grave.

What does a woman’s breast symbolize?

The female breast is a potent symbol of beauty, motherhood, and vitality in many cultures. In some cultures, the breasts are also seen as a symbol of sexual desire and fertility.

Different women will have different preferences when it comes to how they like their breasts to be touched. One should concentrate on the surface of the breasts and talk to her about her assets – the soft skin, how kissable they are and everything else that feels nice about them. Women generally prefer to begin with a caress, so start with kissing and cuddling them.

What does time’s winged chariot mean

The phrase “time’s winged chariot” is often used to describe the feeling of time moving quickly and unexpectedly. For many people, this can be a scary thought as it suggests that time is passing by quicker than we expect. This can be especially true as we get older and begin to realize that our time on Earth is limited. However, it’s important to remember that we should make the most of the time we have and not waste it worrying about the future.

The thought in the last two lines is that we have no right to lightly take away a life which we cannot give back.

What is the main message of the poem to the virgins to make much of time?

The speaker in “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” is urging young women to take advantage of their youth and enjoy themselves while they can. He specifically suggests that they have plenty of sex and find a husband while they’re young. This is likely advice that would have been controversial at the time the poem was written, but it’s still a valid perspective worth considering.

Mary was betrothed to Joseph, but before they could be married, she became pregnant with Jesus. According to Jewish custom, betrothal and marriage were prearranged, so even if Mary had vowed to remain a virgin, her father could have still arranged her marriage. The so-called vow of virginity is first mentioned in the apocryphal gospel of James, written around 150 AD. It’s not clear if this was a vow that Mary made for herself, or if it was a general statement about her character. Either way, it’s clear that Mary was a young woman of great faith, who was obedient to God’s will for her life.

What happens to girls breast when turned on

As sexual excitement builds up, the number of fluids released into the body increases and the nipples of the breasts also become erect. This is mainly due to the contractions of small muscle fibres in the breasts that respond to sexual arousal.

The research scientists have found that women with larger breasts may be more likely to develop breast cancer and the breast cancer is likely to be more aggressive. Also, the denser a woman’s breasts, the greater her risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. So, if you are a woman with larger breasts, you should be aware of this fact and take extra care to protect your breasts from cancer.

What comes out of woman’s breast?

Nipple discharge is a normal bodily function that can occur in both men and women. Sometimes, nipple discharge may be a sign of an underlying medical condition, so it is important to consult with a healthcare professional if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms.

Oxytocin is sometimes called the “cuddle hormone” because it is released when people hug or cuddle. It also plays a role in female reproduction. Oxytocin is made in the brain and also in the uterus and ovaries.


There is no set answer to this question as each person’s interpretation of the poem may be different. However, some believe that the speaker is hiding his true feelings for the woman he loves, and is instead pretending to be content with simply being her friend.

There is much to hide about one’s coy mistress. She may be hiding her true feelings, her true intentions, or her true self. By hiding these things, she is able to keep her distance and maintain control.

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