What is an italian man mistress called?

In Italian culture, a man’s mistress is called a la bella amante. She is typically a beautiful and sensual woman who is not his wife. The la bella amante may be sexually involved with her married lover, but she is also a close friend and confidante. She may even live with him, but usually in a separate apartment.

An Italian man’s mistress is called a mistress.

What do Italian guys call their mistresses?

A goomah is a mistress or girlfriend, typically one who is Italian. The word comes from the Italian comare, which means godmother or second mother. Goomahs are often seen as being more like a mother figure than a romantic partner, and they are often older than their partners.

The term “goombah” is typically used to refer to an older friend or associate who acts in the role of protector or mentor. The male version of “goomar,” the term is often used in Italian-American communities.

What is a Goomar in Italian

In Italian, the word “Goomar” means godmother. A godmother is a woman who is chosen by the parents of a child to act as a mentor and guide. She is someone who the child can look up to and who will be there for them when they need advice or support.

A goombah is a close friend or associate, usually among Italian-American men. It can also be used as a disparaging term for a member of a secret crime organization, such as the Mafia.

What is a Finook?

This word is used to describe someone who is homosexual in a negative way. It is considered to be a derogatory term.

This is a list of words that sound similar to English words but have different meanings in Italian. Be careful not to mix them up!

What is a cumar in Italian?

A cumare is a mistress – typically one who is kept secret from a man’s wife or main partner. This word is most famously used in the HBO show “The Sopranos”, where one of the main characters, Uncle June, has a cumare hidden away in Boca Raton.

A moll is a woman who’s the companion or conspirator to a gangster. One of the most famous molls was Bonnie Parker, of the criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

Can you call a man Bellissimo

Bellissimo is the absolute superlative of bello, and is used to describe males or masculine nouns. It is the most beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, or fine of all.

This phrase is simply used to express the idea of “nothing” or “nothingness”. It is often used in a silly or comedic way to emphasize the emptiness or lack of something.

What does Scifusa mean in Italian?

The word “schifoso” is a very negative term in Italian. It describes something that is disgusting or revolting, and is also used to describe something that is of very poor quality.

Paisano is a term typically used to refer to a fellow Italian or Italian-American. The term can also be used to describe a native of California of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry.

What does cumpa mean in Italian

It’s great to have a male friend that you can rely on – someone who’s always there for you when you need him. A friend like this is a true asset, and something to be treasured.

Gavone is a slang word used in Italy to describe someone who loves to eat pizza. A gavone is typically someone who is always looking for an opportunity to eat pizza, and they are usually the first to arrive at a pizza party. The word gavone comes from the Italian word for glutton, which is gavone.

Hearth is the name for the heated surface that a pizza is baked on. A pizza hearth is typically made of stone or brick, and it is heated to a high temperature before the pizza is placed on it. This high heat helps to cook the pizza quickly and evenly, resulting in a crisp and delicious crust.

What is a Fanuke?

The word “fanook” is derived from “finocchio” which is Italian for fennel. It is a derogatory term used to describe a homosexual or gay male. The word appeared on the popular television show “The Sopranos” and has since become a common slang term used by Italian-Americans.

Gagootz is a zucchini that is stewed with tomatoes and other vegetables. It is a popular dish in Italian-American cuisine.

What does ditsoon mean in Italian

Ditsoon is a derogatory term used to describe a dark-skinned person, usually an African-American. The term is considered offensive and should not be used.

Stugotz is a term that is derived from the Italian word ‘stugats’. This word means testicles. According to my producer Jerry P, his Italian mom used to say “don’t be a stugotz” which meant quit being a ding dong.


In Italy, a mistress is typically referred to as a ” kept woman.”

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies depending on the individual and the specific relationship dynamic. However, some common terms for an Italian man’s mistress include amante, amica, and amante segreta. Whatever the term used, it is clear that an Italian man’s mistress is someone who he has a deep emotional and sexual connection with outside of his primary relationship.

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