What does tom buy for his mistress?

Tom buys his mistress a number of things, but the most important thing he buys her is his love and attention. He makes sure to spend time with her, listen to her, and care for her. He also buys her gifts that she enjoys and that make her feel special. Tom wants his mistress to feel loved and appreciated, and he works hard to show her that.

tom buys his mistress a new car

What did Tom do to his mistress in The Great Gatsby?

Tom’s behavior towards Myrtle was unacceptable and he should be ashamed of himself. Myrtle did not deserve to be treated that way and she certainly did not deserve to have her nose broken. Tom needs to learn to control his temper and he needs to learn to treat women with respect.

Tom, Nick, and Myrtle had been riding in separate train cars, but they met up in the city and got in a taxi together. Myrtle saw a man selling puppies and asked Tom to buy her one, which he did.

Who was Tom Buchanan’s mistress

Myrtle Wilson is Tom Buchanan’s mistress. She is a beautiful woman with a vibrant personality. She is also married to George Wilson, a man who is not as wealthy or as powerful as Tom Buchanan.

Myrtle and Tom’s argument gets progressively more heated as the night goes on, culminating in Tom hitting Myrtle and breaking her nose. This puts a sudden and dramatic end to the party.

What violent act does Tom do to his mistress?

The event described in the passage occurs in Chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby, when Myrtle Wilson insists on her right to say Daisy Buchanan’s name aloud in Tom Buchanan’s presence. Tom tells her to stop, and when she doesn’t, he hits her, breaking her nose. This act of violence demonstrates Tom’s possessiveness and cruelty, as well as his willingness to use physical force to control those around him.

Tom is bored with his life and finds excitement in his affair with Myrtle. He likes the idea of having a secret and enjoys the break from his normal life.

Are Myrtle and Tom in love?

Myrtle sees her affair with Tom as an opportunity to escape her loveless marriage, while Tom simply views it as another in a long line of affairs. The physical attraction between the two is undeniable, and stronger than any other relationship in the book.

While waiting for her train, she decided to treat herself to a couple of small luxuries. She bought a copy of “Town Tattle” – a gossip magazine – and a moving-picture magazine, as well as some cold cream and a small flask of perfume from the drug store. These little indulgences helped to make her feel better as she continued her journey.

Did Nick sleep with Mr McKee

It’s possible that McKee and Nick slept together, or at the very least, were attracted to each other. The fact that they’re in their underwear together is not typical for two heterosexual men in the 1920s, which could suggest that their relationship was more than just platonic.

Although Daisy seems to have found love in her reunion with Gatsby, closer examination reveals that is not at all the case. Although she loves the attention, she has considerations other than love on her mind. First, she knows full well Tom has had affairs for years. second, she is clearly not happy in her marriage. And third, she is drawn to the luxury and lifestyle that Gatsby can offer her. In the end, Daisy is not in love with Gatsby, she is in love with the idea of him.

Who was Tom’s mistress and where did she live?

Myrtle Wilson is an ambitious social climber who unfortunately married George Wilson, a man who owns a run-down garage in the Valley of Ashes. Myrtle possesses a fierce vitality, but she chose to have an affair with Tom Buchanan, a man who treats her as a mere object of his desire.

Nick first meets Tom’s mistress, Myrtle Wilson, when Tom stops to pick her up on the way into the city. Myrtle is married to George Wilson, who runs a garage, and she is having an affair with Tom. They go to a party at the apartment Tom rents for their trysts, and Nick meets them there.

Why does Tom realize his wife

Tom realizes that his wife, Daisy, has been having an affair with Gatsby after he witnesses a moment between them. He sees the way they look at each other and the way Gatsby touches Daisy in a way that is not appropriate for a platonic relationship. This causes him to realize that Daisy has been cheating on him with Gatsby.

Tom, feeling both betrayed and threatened by Gatsby’s possible influence over Daisy, angrily questions him about his true intentions. He demands to know why Gatsby is pursuing her, and whether his feelings are sincere. Gatsby’s response is evasive, leading Tom to suspect that he is only interested in Daisy for her money. This leads to a heated argument between the two men, in which each accuses the other of being unethical and dishonest.

Is Tom abusive to Daisy?

Tom’s unchecked emotions are causing problems for both himself and those around him. His affair is causing pain for his wife, Daisy, and his mistress is also suffering from his abuse. Tom needs to get his emotions under control before it destroys everything.

Tom’s affair with Myrtle is one of the many ways he fails Daisy. He is not faithful to her and instead pursues other women, including Myrtle. This affair is one of the reasons why Daisy eventually leaves Tom.

Why did Daisy ultimately marry Tom

Daisy married Tom because she knew he could provide her with more material comforts. While she was still in love with Gatsby, she realized that he could not give her the same lifestyle to which she was accustomed. Tom was wealthy and could provide her with everything she desired.

Myrtle’s outburst at the mention of Daisy’s name causes Tom to lose his temper and break her nose. The party then takes a turn for the worse and the guests start to leave.

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Tom buys his mistress a rose.

It is clear that Tom is willing to spend a great deal of money on his mistress, buying her expensive gifts that she is sure to enjoy. He obviously cares a great deal for her and wants to make sure she is happy. It is a shame that their relationship is not a more equal one, but it is clear that Tom is doing everything he can to make his mistress happy.

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