What did el chapos mistress do?

El Chapo’s mistress was a woman who was romantically involved with the Mexican drug lord. She helped him avoid capture by the authorities and was by his side during his years on the run.

El Chapo’s mistress is said to have helped him escape from prison.

What happened to El Chapo’s wife Emma?

The wife of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison after pleading guilty to helping her husband run his multibillion-dollar criminal empire.

This is a huge victory for the prosecution and a major blow to the Guzmán family. It is clear that the authorities are serious about cracking down on drug kingpins and their families.

This sentence sends a strong message that anyone who is involved in drug trafficking will be punished severely. It is a significant step in the fight against the drug cartels in Mexico.

The wife of drug lord El Chapo has been sentenced to prison for drug trafficking and money laundering. Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison by a federal judge in Washington on Wednesday. She pleaded guilty in February to helping her husband run his multibillion-dollar drug empire and participating in a conspiracy to launder money. El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquin Guzman, is serving a life sentence in a US prison.

What did El Chapo’s wife do

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The wife of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for her role in conspiring to distribute cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana for import into the US, as well as for money-laundering and helping to run her husband’s Mexican drug cartel. While this is a significant sentence, it is far less than the life sentence her husband is currently serving in a US prison. This disparity highlights the need for harsher penalties for those who are involved in drug trafficking, as well as the need for better cooperation between the US and Mexican authorities in order to bring down these types of criminal organizations.

How old was Emma when she married Chapo?

It is clear that Aispuro’s defense attorney is trying to paint her as a victim who was swept up in El Chapo’s world. He is emphasizing her youth and inexperience in an attempt to get leniency for her.

It is reported that the wife of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, a notorious Mexican drug lord, has been sentenced to three years in prison for her role in helping his Sinaloa cartel. This is a significant development in the fight against organized crime in Mexico.

How did El Chapo’s wife help him escape?

Emma Coronel Aispuro helped her husband plan a dramatic escape from a Mexican prison in 2015 by smuggling a GPS watch to him disguised as a food item, prosecutors said during a hearing in federal court in Washington.

Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of convicted drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, pleaded guilty in a U.S. court to helping her husband smuggle drugs into the United States and aiding in his dramatic escape from a Mexican prison in 2015.

Coronel, a dual U.S.-Mexican citizen, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced on September 15.

How many wives did El Chapo had

El Chapo’s first wife, Alejandrina Salazar, is the only wife he is legally married to. He never gave her a divorce.

The Flores twins were born in Sinaloa, Mexico, and spent their early years working in their father’s drug trafficking business. In 2008, they were arrested by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and became informants.

In 2010, they helped the DEA track down and capture Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the most wanted man in Mexico. In return for their assistance, the twins were placed in the Witness Protection Program.

Since then, the Flores brothers have been living in the US under assumed names. In 2016, they testified against El Chapo in his trial.

How did El Chapo have 2 wives?

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Where is El Chapo wife today

It is disappointing to see that Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of the imprisoned drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, has been sentenced to three years in a US prison. Her plea of guilty to helping the Sinaloa drug cartel illustrates the severity of the cartel’s crimes. It is critical that we see justice served in this case, and hope that Mrs. Coronel Aispuro’s sentence sends a strong message to those involved in similar criminal activity.

Guzman’s twin daughters were born in 2011 and are his half-sisters from previous marriages.

Did El Chapo have 2 wives?

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the notorious leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, has been sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years by a federal court in the Eastern District of New York.

This is a huge victory for the Justice Department and for the countless lives that were impacted by El Chapo’s reign of terror.

This sentence sends a clear message that no one is above the law, and that the United States will do everything it can to bring justice to those who have been harmed by criminal organizations.

The Sinaloa Cartel is one of the most prolific and violent drug trafficking organizations in the world, and El Chapo was a key figure in its operations.

He was responsible for countless murders, kidnappings, and other serious crimes, and he will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

Who captured El Chapo son

Ovidio Guzmán, son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, has been captured by Mexican security forces in Culiacán, Sinaloa. This comes days before President Biden’s scheduled visit to the country. Guzmán is a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa cartel and his capture is a big blow to the organization. Mexican authorities are still working to secure the city and ensure Guzmán does not escape.

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El Chapo’s mistress, Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, is accused of helping him run his drug empire. She allegedly helped him coordinate drug shipments, launder money, and evade authorities.

El Chapo’s mistress did many things in her role as his lover and confidante. She was sexually involved with him, helped him to smuggle drugs, and passed information to him that helped him to evade capture. She was finally arrested and is now serving a prison sentence.

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