Did the warden remain as king alistair’s mistress?

There is no clear answer to this question. However, it is possible that the warden may have remained as king Alistair’s mistress after the events of the game. This is based on several factors, including the warden’s ability to have children and the fact that Alistair is not seen with any other women.

No, the warden did not remain as king Alistair’s mistress.

Can Alistair and the warden both live?

In my playthrough, I kept both Alistair and the Warden alive until the end of the game. Alistair became the king and the Warden survived the battle with the Archdemon. However, in Dragon Age Keep, one of them has to die in order to kill the Archdemon.

It is essential that both the Warden and Alistair survive the events of the game if the Warden is to become Queen. If Alistair were to die, Anora would take the throne instead, regardless of what was decided at the Landsmeet. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the Warden to ensure that both she and Alistair survive.

Can an elf warden marry Alistair

This is a very definitive answer and unfortunately, it seems like there is no wiggle room here. You cannot do what you are asking, plain and simple.

You have to convince Alistair to perform the dark ritual with Morrigan, otherwise one of you will die fighting the archdemon. That is the only way to get Alistair to stay in the Grey Wardens, all other methods have him become king, be executed, sacrifice himself or leave the wardens and become a drunk in Kirkwall.

Can unhardened Alistair become king?

There are two conditions that must be met in order for Alistair to become king while Loghain is still alive: he must marry Anora, and the player must make sure Alistair is hardened. If both of these conditions are not met, then Alistair will not be able to take the throne while Loghain is alive.

The Warden is a powerful creature that cannot be killed by lava. It is immune to all types of fire-based damage, so don’t even bother trying to use lava to kill it.

What happens if the warden goes with Morrigan?

If you undertake Morrigan’s Ritual, it is implied that Morrigan will allow you to meet your son (if she was fully romanced). This is a great way to resolve any potential issues between the two of you, and to finally get some closure on your relationship.

neither Anora nor Alistair are perfect, but together they make a strong team that could lead Ferelden well. Some people think that Dragon Age 4 should explore their marriage and how they work together to rule. No matter what happens, these two have proven that they can overcome any obstacle when they are together.

Can two Grey Wardens have children

Although it is possible for two Grey Wardens to have children with each other, it is extremely rare. In most cases, it is not possible for them to have children at all.

If you are in a romance with Morrigan, she will say that her feelings make her all the more determined to get you to do the ritual.

What happens if Alistair stays a warden?

If Alistair has not been hardened, he may break off the relationship with his female warden out of a sense of duty and propriety. However, if Alistair has been hardened, he may instead decide that having a mistress will not interfere with his rule.

In the Bioware forum, it was decided that the Dalish warden is considered canon. This means that the Dalish warden is an official part of the Bioware universe and can be used in any official Bioware products.

Can you befriend the warden

When taming a Warden, it is best to use Skulk Blocks. By doing so, the Warden will become a warrior on land, and will be much happier when fed.

If you imported a world state from Dragon Age Keep in which Alistair died or became a drunk, he will not return as the King of Ferelden or a Grey Warden in Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, if you did not import such a world state, then he will return as either the King of Ferelden or a Grey Warden. If he is made king, he will make a brief appearance after the Inquisitor confronts Alexius in Redcliffe.

Can hardened Alistair stay a warden?

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It is clear that the mother of Alistair desired to protect her son from the persecution that she herself had faced as an elf. By raising Alistair as a human, she hoped that he would be free from the discrimination and mistreatment that she had endured. Thankfully, it seems that her plan was successful, and Alistair was able to live a relatively normal and prosperous life.

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No, the warden did not remain as king Alistair’s mistress.

The warden did not remain as king alistair’s mistress.

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