Did the mistress initial kindness?

Yes, the mistress’ initial kindness is what the narrator responded to. She was attracted to the mistress because she was different from other women – she was kind and loving. The narrator had never experienced that before, and it made her feel special.

No, the mistress’ initial kindness was not important.

What did the mistress teach Frederick?

The author writes about how learning to read changed his life and allowed him to gain a different perspective on slavery. He recountsthe events that led to him learning to read, including being taught by his mistress and pursuing instruction from other white boys. He also talks about how reading materials he acquired encouraged him to think and feel differently about slavery. This is a powerful story about the transformative power of education and how it can help someone gain a new understanding of the world.

Frederick Douglass wrote his autobiography to persuade readers that slavery should be abolished. He describes the physical realities that slaves endure and his responses to his life as a slave. Douglass’s purpose is to show that slavery is cruel and inhuman, and that it should be abolished.

Why did the mistress stop instructing Frederick

Douglass’s mistress used to teach him, but stopped after her husband told her not to. Now she follows her husband’s tradition of not allowing slaves to be educated. This is a shame, because Douglass was making great progress under her tutelage.

Douglass’s perspective on slaveholders is one of loathing and abhorrence. He sees them as the meanest and most wicked men, and he detests them for enslaving him. This perspective is evident in the way he speaks about them in his autobiography.

In what way did Frederick’s new mistress change?

The change in Frederick’s new mistress is significant in that it represents a change in how he is being treated. Before, she was kind and caring, but now she is cruel and demonic. This change is likely to have a negative impact on Frederick’s wellbeing, as he is now being treated with hostility and coldness.

Douglass was a key figure in the 1848 Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention. He spoke forcefully on a number of issues, including women’s suffrage, which some delegates thought was too radical. Thanks to his efforts, the resolution on women’s suffrage was approved.

What was Frederick Douglass main message?

Douglass’s goals were to “abolish slavery in all its forms and aspects, promote the moral and intellectual improvement of the COLORED PEOPLE, and hasten the day of FREEDOM to the Three Millions of our enslaved fellow countrymen.” In addition to these goals, Douglass also worked to promote freedom by speaking out against slavery and racism, writing books and articles about his experiences as a slave and as a free man, and by helping to fund and support abolitionist and civil rights organizations.

I agree with Douglass that the nation’s founders were great men for their ideals of freedom. However, I also think that he brings awareness to the hypocrisy of their ideals by the existence of slavery on American soil. In my opinion, this makes them even greater men because they were able to see beyond their own time and setting and envision a future in which all men would be free.

What is the main idea of the life of Frederick Douglass

Douglass was an abolitionist and spoke out against the oppression of all people, both in America and abroad. He was a strong advocate for freedom, self-discovery, and identity. In his autobiography, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,” Douglass shares his story from early childhood through his escape from slavery. He provides a powerful and personal account of the struggles faced by those who were enslaved. Douglass’s story is an important contribution to the understanding of the inhumanity of slavery and the strength of the human spirit.

Frederick and Anna met while he was still enslaved and she was a free woman. Anna sewed a sailor’s uniform for Frederick and borrowed a freedman’s protection certificate to help him escape to New York. Anna soon followed, and they got married and began their family.

How did Frederick escape slavery?

Frederick Douglass was a slave who escaped to freedom in 1838 by disguising himself as a sailor and boarding a northbound train. He arrived in New York City and declared himself free. This was a huge accomplishment as he had successfully escaped from slavery.

Fredrick attributes the kindness of Mrs Auld to the fact that she never had a slave. He believes that the power that she gains from having a slave changes her into a different person.

What was Douglass’s motto when he started from slavery

The motto which I adopted when I started from slavery was this- ‘Trust no man! ‘ This was a lesson that I learned the hard way. I trusted people who I thought were my friends, and they betrayed me. I trusted people who I thought would help me, and they abandoned me. I learned that the only person I can truly trust is myself. And so, I adopted this motto as a way to protect myself from being hurt again.

I agree with Douglass that slaveholding is damaging not only to the slaves themselves, but also to the slave owners. The power that slave owners have over their slaves is corrupt and immoral, and it takes a toll on the slave owners’ own moral health.

What did Frederick Douglass say about slaves?

This is a quote from the philosopher and critic, George Bernard Shaw. It speaks to the power dynamics between a slave and their master. The slave, despite being subject to their master’s will, still has some power over them. The master must tread carefully, for the slave could turn on them at any moment. This quote highlights the tensions and dangers of slavery, both for the slave and the master.

It is terribly ironic that the only character in the novel who suffers more than the slaves is a white woman. As she becomes corrupted by the experience of owning Douglass, she shows that slave owning is terrible thing for white people too. She is changed from a warm and sympathetic woman to a cruel, jealous tyrant.

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There is no specific answer to this question since it is not clear what the initial kindness refers to. If you are asking if the mistress was kind at first, then it is difficult to say since there is no further information provided.

There is no clear answer to the question of whether or not the mistress’ initial kindness played a role in the events that transpired. However, it is clear that the mistress was not entirely blameless in the situation. She was complicit in the affair and played a role in the downfall of her husband.

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